Population Health

In recent years, the Military Health System population health imperative has shifted from the model of disease and injury intervention to one of prevention and health promotion. To better understand the short- and long-term implications of military service on the health and wellness of service members, DOD medical facilities and research organizations have gathered vital information regarding environmental exposures and lifestyle factors from questionnaires, medical records, and field studies, to create databases that will inform new prevention and health promotion programs.

In support of DOD force health protection and the advancement of service member health promotion and disease prevention, our research teams of epidemiologists, public health and behavioral health experts are assisting the DOD determine the underlying factors and potential interventions for health concerns such as, alcohol and drug use/abuse, PTSD, TBI, obesity, sexual assault and trauma, and tobacco use. Additionally, our scientists assist with longitudinal studies and epidemiological surveys to identify potential health exposures, their risk factors, and define appropriate awareness and education programs, preventions and interventions to enhance military readiness and improve long-term outcomes for service members.


Psychological Health
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