Military Operational
Medicine Research

Military personnel are regularly called upon to execute critical missions in extreme operational environments. Whether on land, sea, or in the air, the success of these missions is directly linked to the health, performance, and fitness of each warfighter and the unit as a whole.

Our Military Operational Medical Research team focus’ on conducting biomedical research to deliver products and solutions to warfighters throughout the deployment cycle, including design, development, and test and evaluation of novel physiological, biomedical, and technological countermeasures to protect our warfighters against the myriad of stressors found in these environments and rapidly deliver solutions to enhance their performance. The ultimate goal of our research team of scientists, engineers, and research support staffs is a stronger warfighter and fighting force that is capable and ready to meet the challenges of today, tomorrow, and the future.


Operational Health

Our team leverages their interdisciplinary backgrounds and unique expertise to research, develop, test and evaluate human performance risks faced by warfighters in a myriad of operational environments.


Warfighter Performance

CAMRIS works alongside military researchers and healthcare providers to employ cutting-edge science and technology to optimize human performance, strengthen resilience, promote injury prevention, and enhance operational readiness of the warfighter.


Toxicology and Environmental Health

Supporting the warfighter with science and technology is at the core of CAMRIS’ mission. Our experts, through their focus on safety and toxicology expertise, strive to better understand the effects that chemicals, work exposures, and environmental hazards have on military members across a wide range of occupations and work settings.

Toxicology and Environmental Health

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