Infectious Diseases

Non-battle injuries due to infectious diseases account for the majority of illnesses encountered by military personnel in combat operations. Add to this, infections occurring during training, in post-battle injuries, during humanitarian relief, regular deployments overseas, and when participating in capacity building in endemic areas, and infectious diseases stands as the largest threat to the health and readiness of military personnel and the success of military operations worldwide.

To support the DOD’s strategic initiatives to mitigate the threat of emerging infectious diseases to the U.S. military through research and surveillance, our team of scientists and medical professionals work side by side with military researchers at home and abroad to surveille, detect outbreaks, and design and develop rapid point-of-care, field-ready infectious disease identification devices for warfighter protection. Our infectious diseases researchers are exploring advancements in personal protective systems, development and testing of vaccines for enteric, respiratory, and vector borne diseases, and testing new innate immunity therapeutics to promote healing for warfighters with antimicrobial resistant infections. Our team is committed to providing cutting-edge research to assist the U.S. military stay in the fight and to protect the health and readiness of military members and their families.


Surveillance and Detection
Outbreak Response
Vaccine Discovery and Testing

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