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Military conflicts, and training for those conflicts, exacts a physical and mental toll on U.S. military personnel. Training injuries, specifically musculoskeletal injuries, are the principal reason service members are unable to deploy and most important factor affecting overall military readiness. During deployment, warfighters face the even greater threats of concussive, blast, and burn injuries, among other bodily harms. Recent advances in life- and limb-saving and resuscitative technologies used in theatre has led to unparalleled survival rates, and in turn, has presented unique challenges for the clinical and rehabilitative professionals charged with restoring full health and wellness, quality of life, and in some cases, a return to full duty.

Our scientists understand the important role that clinical, biomedical, engineering, and genomic research has played in delivering state-of-the-science materials, knowledge products, and novel rehabilitative medicine solutions to prevent and restore health, ability, and quality of life to service members. Our scientists have focused research on injury prevention by examining current military training techniques, programs, and equipment and apply high-tech, modern physiological principals, combined with advanced recovery systems, to assist the military prevent injuries or more quickly recover when these injuries do occur. Our team has extensive experience in regenerative and rehabilitative medicine including novel approaches used for the generation of tissues and cells to support re-establishment of deficient bone, nerve, and tissues post-injury. Our dedicated staffs have worked with military researchers to create solutions for cranio-facial restorations, skin substitutes for burns, immunomodulators to prevent rejection, and resilience projects designed to restore mental health, all with the common purpose of re-establishing full physical and psychological functionality to each and every affected service member.


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