Family Planning &
Reproductive Health

CAMRIS supports global health initiatives, including the Sustainable Development Goals, by working with governments, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, multilateral organizations, donors, civil society organizations (including faith-based organizations), and others to increase access to and improve the delivery of family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) services.

Increasing access to FP/RH information and services help to reduce poverty, protect women’s and children’s health, prevent transmission of HIV, and reduce maternal and child mortality. In turn, it also supports the health and development of communities.

Our staff facilitate and develop strategies and policies in support of FP/RH initiatives; provide technical expertise, strategic planning, and management to improve programming; lead and substantially contribute to the design, implementation, and management of FP/RH activities; develop effective linkages to improve FP/RH efforts; analyze FP/RH interventions to improve programming and informed decision making; and build the capacities of institutions and professionals to deliver FP/RH services. In support of RH, CAMRIS also works to prevent fistulas and end female genital mutilation/cutting, gender-based violence, and child marriage.


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