CAMRIS Builds New Schools in Mali

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the Mali Education Emergency Support Activity (EESA) contract to CAMRIS International in January 2016. Through this important project that contributes to the 2015 Peace Accord, CAMRIS is rehabilitating schools and working with the Mali Ministry of Education to restore educational services for children in conflict-affected regions of the country.

CAMRIS is pleased to announce the completion of construction on five schools in Kimbirila, Markala Coura, Hombori Bene, Sondoko and Kabara San Fil, in partnership with Cobo Construction.

The completed school in Kabara San Fil, Timbuktu, Mali

In addition to the completed schools, considerable progress has been made and construction is near completion for five schools in Niono and Koro. Walls have been built for the classrooms, and storage rooms are being completed. Construction has recently been approved to begin building four more schools in Dire, Rhaous, Goudam, and Nianfunke.

The completed school in Kimbirila, Diabaly, Mali

CAMRIS Senior Program Manager, Abigail Wilson, stated, “The EESA project is well underway and has already handed over five new schools to communities in northern Mali. Another five schools are under construction and after that, we will build 10 more and rehabilitate schools in 60 communities. Along with construction, our team in Mali has been busy distributing school supplies to children and teachers and providing training to teachers in preparation for the school year starting in October 2017. I am hopeful that these efforts will make the 2017-2018 school year the best that northern Mali has experienced since the crisis.”

The completed school in Makala Coura, Dogofry, Mali

CAMRIS plans to build an additional six schools in Menaka, Bourem, Gao, and Asongo. By the end of the EESA contract, CAMRIS will have built a total of 20 schools in conflict-affected regions of Mali.

Inside a classroom in Makala Coura, Dogofry, Mali

CAMRIS continues to work with the already engaged communities to ensure safe access to education for 80,000 students. You can read more about the USAID/Mali EESA contract, here.

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