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May 1, 2018

CAMRIS HQ Hosts Take Your Child to Work Day

On April 26th, CAMRIS HQ joined millions of workplaces in hosting a Take Your Child to Work Day. The children learned about CAMRIS, including our values and our work in the international development and research sectors. It was a delightful day filled with learning activities/games and food.

Christina (front left), Lisa (front right), Alexis (back left), and Rosalie (back right) enjoyed a healthy snack while getting to know one another.

The day began with a coloring activity followed by a snack break before starting the “When I Grow Up . . .” activity. The children drew and presented pictures of what they want to be when they grow up while explaining what they like about the professions and fun details about themselves.


Christina, Lisa, Alexis, and Rosalie drew pictures of what they want to be when they grow up.

Lisa, Christina, Alexis, and Rosalie posed with the pictures they drew of themselves about what they want to be when they grow up, which included careers in the arts and sciences.

The day included an office tour to give the children exposure to various careers at CAMRIS and a window into our working lives. CAMRIS staff helped the children to understand everyone’s roles and responsibilities within the company and how staff are connected and rely upon one another to accomplish work tasks.

Senior Program Manager for the Mali Education Emergency Support Activity (EESA) Ms. Abigail Wilson shows the children where Mali is located on a map during a discussion about the project.

Christina is ready for the work day!

Following the office tour, the children participated in a “Communication Skills/Be a Mentor” activity, which involved them sitting back to back as one participant explained to their partner how to place the blocks so that the two participants could build similar objects.


The children participated in a building and communications activity.

Next, the children took an ice cream and pizza break. After lunch, the children paricipated in a scavenger hunt, and then learned how to make playdoh before leaving for the day.


Mom and Office Manager and Operations Assistant Ms. Jessica Stith taught Mattias, Rosalie, Lisa, Christina, and Catalina how to make playdoh.

The day ended with smiles.

Take Your Child to Work Day was a memorable, fun day filled with positive, engaging experiences for our future leaders. We enjoyed showing the children the value of education, helping them to see their parents/grandparents in a different role, and helping them envision the future.

Photo credits: Danielle Rosney.