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Photo ID: 2006-757
A man cycles past rice fields belonging to G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in Pantnagar, Uttaranchal, India. Experimental trials on these fields ultimately help rice farmers achieve higher yields or avoid pests, diseases, and environmental challenges such as drought.
© 2005 Adam Barclay, Courtesy of Photoshare

Photo ID: 8582-2
Two boys read together under a bed net in Kakamega, Kenya.
© 2009 Georgina Goodwin/Vestegaard Frandsen, Courtesy of Photoshare

Photo ID: 2007-992
Cartons of colorful ballots locked safely away in a storeroom on the eve of the legislative elections in Mwaro province, Burundi. The "ballot and envelope" system involves the use of a distinct ballot for each of the competing parties or candidates; voters insert a single paper into an envelope and drop it into the ballot box.
© 2005 Henrica Jansen, Courtesy of Photoshare

Photo ID: 284-16
An election worker packs voting materials during 2009 elections in Ecuador.
© 2009 Carlos Hinojosa, Courtesy of Photoshare

Photo ID: 8091-12
A woman in rural Uganda walks home with her long-lasting, insecticide-treated net provided by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
© 2012 Kim Burns Case/JHUCCP, Courtesy of Photoshare

Photo ID: 1515-369

Young children carry their goats around a field in Amarpur village, India.

© 2007 Gautam Pandey, Courtesy of Photoshare

Photo ID: 2007-341

Men fish from a boat in the Philippines.
© 2007 Manuel P. Rosario, Courtesy of Photoshare

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Photographer: C. Feezel

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